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New Endeavour: The Fullerton Wine Course

Fullerton Wines aspires to provide the wine community with authentic, engaging, and fun experiences. To this end, Fullerton Wines has recently started the Fullerton Wine Course. The invidual sessions of this expansive course offer attendees an engaging and intimate experience. Each class incorporates curated insights into the chosen topic, and includes an interactive tasting experience. Below you will find a brief overview of this year's sessions:

  • February 25th: Oak and Fire: The Effects of New and Neutral Oak on Wine. The first class of the newly minted Fullerton Wine Course, the session, already completed, explored the history of oak and wine, famed oak forests, benefits and characteristics of different types of oak, and its impact on the taster's senses. Attendees participated in an interactive blending and tasting experience that explored the spectrum of oak's influence on wine.

 Alex Fullerton leading a Fullerton Wine Course in Beaverton

  • March 31st: Our Sedimentary and Volcanic Soils. The weathering of ancient basalt flows over prehistoric sea beds has resulted in today’s diverse sedimentary and volcanic hillside soils in the Willamette Valley. Without a doubt, soil impacts the flavors and textures of wine more than any other single factor. Within our beloved valley, these two main soil types form the foundation for the distinctive Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays we all enjoy. Come taste the impact of our vineyard’s soils on the wines they produce, and experiment with the blending of these distinct components. Together we will navigate our geology, soils, and their impact on wine. Tickets are limited for this second session of the Fullerton Wine Course. Purchase tickets here.


  • April 28th: Vine to Wine: How Vineyards and Vines Affect the Wine We Love.


  • May: Cool Climate versus Warm Climate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.


  • June: Rosé: Color and Wine through the Lens of Rosé.


  • July: Veraison at Lichtenwalter Vineyard. We will tour one of our vineyard partners to look at Pinot Noir vines and fruit. We will hopefully see examples of veraison in process, the moment when red wine grapes turn from immature green to riper purple in color.


  • August: Burgundy versus Oregon Pinot and Chardonnay. Discuss soils, climate, exposure, culture, and history.


  • September: Crush. Explore winemaker's choices including whole cluster versus destemmed fermentations. We will hopefully stomp grapes as well.


  • October: Winemaking 101: Fermentation. Navigate fermentation decisions including the use of native/resident yeast versus inoculated yeast, as well as the benefits of controlling fermentation temperatures.


  • November: Aging Wine. What are the benefits of aging wine in barrel at the winery? When should you age wine in your own cellar? Discuss and taste the affects of aging wine.


  • December: Syrah. Examine and taste the newest varietal to Fullerton Wines.


  • January (2017): Pruning at Ivy Slope Vineyard. Put on your rain boots and take a walk in the dormant Ivy Slope Vineyard. Taste our first single vineyard designate Chardonnay from this estate site.


Seats are limited for all sesions to preserve the intamacy and quality of the experience. Come and explore the complex and magical world of wine and winemaking. Purchase tickets here. Members receive a 25% discount on the ticket. Join today and receive all of the benefits the Fullerton Wine Club offers.

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