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The Five FACES: Filip, Alex, Caroline, Eric, and Susanne.


Eric Fullerton of Fullerton Wines, associate winemaker and national sales manager


Owner/Associate Winemaker
Eric helps tend fermentation and élevage in the cellar, and nurtures the estate Ivy Slope Vineyard. He also manages national sales efforts. Eric(at)fullertonwines.com
Susanne Fullerton of Fullerton Wines, general manager


Owner/General Manager
Susanne manages the daily operations for Fullerton Wines, serving as the point person for accounting, and coordination with our industry partners. Susanne(at)fullertonwines.com
Alex Fullerton of Fullerton Wines, winemaker
Alex functions as Winemaker and Vineyard Manager for Fullerton Wines. Read more on our Winemaker page.


Filip Fullerton


Manual Labor
Filip attends Portland State University and fills in at the winery and vineyard as a cellar/vineyard-hand. When he is not playing basketball, he can be found tending Ivy Slope vines or helping Alex with other tasks.
Caroline Fullerton
Caroline works as a material designer for Nike by day, but functions as a creative designer for Fullerton Wines by night.
Matt Wieland of Fullerton Wines, communications manager and Midwest sales manager

Matt Wieland

Communications Manager/Midwest Sales Manager
A wine writer and enthusiast with a background in English and teaching, Matt spearheads communications, Midwest sales, and works harvest and crush in the winery. Matt(at)fullertonwines.com


James Tipton of Fullerton Wines, cellar hand
Casey Chamberlin
Oregon Sales and Tasting Room Manager
With prior experience working for high profile Willamette wineries as well as stellar Portland and New York City restaurants, Casey manages all Oregon sales for Fullerton, both at the tasting room and through distribution in Oregon. You can't miss his high energy and radiant personality. Casey(at)fullertonwines.com
James Tipton of Fullerton Wines, cellar hand
James Tipton
Cellar Hand
With prior experience in Sonoma, James works as cellar hand, taking care of day-to-day operations in the winery, while also helping in the vineyards when needed. You'll occasionally be lucky enough to catch him at the tasting room, where he helps when he has time. James(at)fullertonwines.com
Phoebe of Fullerton Wines, winery dog
Winery Dog
  Phoebe is our official winery & vineyard dog, and our unofficial inspiration. She loves nothing more than sprinting through the vines, and greeting guests. Email Phoebe.


The Fullerton family